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See You In Fahlstaff 001

Pilot episode of See You in Fahlstaff! Featuring the stories !2 Miles to Fahlstaff, Sadd's Cabs, Mann Down in Fahlstaff, A Puddington's Shoe's Commercial, and Thanksgiving at Aunt Mildred's.

In “12 Miles to Fahlstaff” the Narrator was played by Douglas Thornton,
Phil by Ian Hinck,
Bicyclist and Charlotte by Maggie Blake,
Front Desk Man by Ed Crasnick

In “Sadd’s Cabs”: Mary was played by Elyse Willems
Jake Sadd by Douglas Thornton

in “Mann Down in Fahlstaff”: Sy Mann was played by Don Casanova,
Ann by Maggie Blake
Operator by Madeline Wager,
Braids by Douglas Thornton

in “Puddington’s Shoes Commercial”: Madeline Wager was the woman and the Narrator was Douglas Thornton

in “Thanksgiving at Aunt Mildred’s”: the Narrator, Cousin Ron, Uncle Greg, and Uncle Stan were played by Douglas Thornton,
Aunt Mildred by Madeline Wager,
Peter by Ian Hinck,
Uncle Charles by Ed Crasnick,
Cousin Susan by Elyse Willems,
Cousin Mary by Maggie Blake

12 Miles to Fahlstaff, Sadd’s Cabbs, Puddington’s Shoes Commercial, and Thanksgiving at Aunt Mildred’s were written by Ian Hinck with many story elements by the Fahlstaff City Council.

Mann Down in Fahlstaff was written by Don Casanova.

Some sounds from freesound.org, special thanks to users: Ryding, conleec, Robinhood76, stereostereo, shall555, soundrecorder7, sijam11, ftpalad, Kane53126, crcavol, JakLocke, pagancow, Slanesh, XTYL33, snakebarney, manychefsbroth

Recording, sound effects operation, and editing by Omar de Armas.
Music by Ian Hinck.
Recorded live at the wonderful Glitch City in beautiful Los Angeles.
Special thanks to those who came to listen live and to all of you listening here!